Episode 17

Published on:

28th Jun 2024

Getting Real with Bossy with Kelly Bush & Kelly Metras

Cross Over episode with the podcast Getting Real with Bossy!

From the Bossy Episode: Are you ready for a revelation that will completely shift your perspective? Imagine a laid-back, casual chat with a friend that turns into an unexpected journey of self-discovery and community impact.

In this episode of "Getting Real with Bossy," co-hosts Kelly Bush and Kelly Metras dive into a fascinating conversation with Magnus Apollo. Known for his eclectic and impressive portfolio ranging from large-scale art installations to intricate design projects at MIT, Magnus exemplifies the spirit of creativity and community.

Magnus opens up about his journey as a creative professional, highlighting his various roles, including his time working on a fusion reactor diorama for MIT and his artistic contributions to the Seneca Park Zoo. They discuss the implications of AI in the creative world, with Magnus expressing a balanced view that emphasizes the significant benefits and potential disruptions brought about by technology like AI and Canva. The conversation seamlessly shifts to topics like organizational skills, hiring the right assistant, and the myriad challenges that come with wearing multiple hats as a creative entrepreneur.

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